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Beautiful Nature

Odó t'ó bá gbàgbé orísun ẹ̀, á gbẹ 

(A river that neglects its source is bound to dry up)

- A Yorùbá adage


The Yorùbá people are an African ethnic group that inhabits western Africa, most notably Nigeria.  However, it is a rich and multifaceted culture and, probably, the most widely practised African culture outside of Africa.

 “Language is more than spoken words. It is the bedrock of any cultural and traditional society. Take away the language, and the core spirit of heritage and history is lost” (Adebowale). Yorùbáizm is a platform designed to curate products and experiences centered around the Yorùbá language, culture and heritage.   Our aim is to explore our history, preserving the positive and evolving it to suit our present and future. We also aim to serve as a repository of knowledge for ALL those who wish to become more acquainted with issues around the culture and tradition through a decolonised lens in a fun and engaging way. Particularly, as we see a growing amount of interest from African youth, both on the continent and in the diaspora.

Yorùbáizm aims to address  issues relating to customs like traditional marriages, naming ceremonies, beauty/hairstyles, fashion, skincare, healthcare, herbal remedies; highlight heritage sites across Yorùbá land, providing narratives on their history and significance; current issues trending in the Yorùbá world, arts (festivals, music, dance, drama, films, personalities, poetry etc.), We also host a range of events from seminars, exhibitions, socials to interactive workshops (read more on our events page)! 

In celebrating and appreciating the positive aspects of our norms, culture and tradition and highlighting the contribution that our people make in the various spheres of our everyday lives, we hope to restore pride and dignity in our people!

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